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eLearning: Learning Management Systems for Schools

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

We are at a point in history where learning online has become a necessity, not just for higher education, but also for workforce development, reskilling, training, and additional sorts of educational needs other than traditional school or college-based learning. 

While it may be difficult to imagine taking all learning programs online, there are many benefits to utilizing online education platforms, also referred to as Learning Management Systems, or LMSs. 

However, before we dive into the many benefits of using an LMS, we need to first explain exactly what an LMS actually is. 

A learning management system or LMS is a software that helps to create, manage and deliver course or training materials to elearners, typically online, which allows the learners to engage with course material wherever they are in the world, whenever it’s convenient for them to access it. 

On the administration side, the LMS platform can track users progress, store engagement data and deliver notifications, as well as automate reports on the user’s learning experience, making it an incredibly powerful tool for the schools, companies, and organizations that choose to leverage an LMS for their online learning needs. 

And on the learner’s side, the LMS platform is capable of delivering not just words, but engaging content. Including interactive elements that learners are able to click, manipulate, or otherwise interact with, making the learning process more interesting, more compelling and more effective than the traditional online learning approach which was limited to presenting static copy or powerpoint slides.

Simply put, the best learning management systems help organizations design, create, deliver and manage effective eLearning courses. 


Understanding eLearning: What are LMS Systems Used for?

A learning management system software or LMS can host online learning courses, classes, or even degree programs from a variety of organizations, from accredited universities to kindergartens, while also hosting employee training, and orientations. 

Learning Management Systems for Schools

The most important thing in education is the success of the students, but this has become increasingly difficult to achieve with limited in-person interaction. 

This is where utilizing an LMS platform to deliver educational classes, courses or programs will help your students, teachers, and school thrive.

LMS platforms take the curriculum building and implementation process and break them down into 3 categories of activities:

  1. Learning, which is the development and handling of your material 
  2. Management, which refers to how easy it is to operate the learning material, whether you are a student, teacher, or administrator 
  3. Reporting, which an LMS system allows you to do seamlessly, as modern LMS platforms come with the ability to track users progress, store data, and automate reports

Learning Management Systems for Businesses

Now that you have seen the power of utilizing elearning LMS platforms for schools and universities, you might be wondering whether or not it makes sense to implement an LMS for a more general business that isn’t specifically in the higher education sector. 

This is another area where modern LMSs truly shine, as LMSs make excellent corporate learning management systems, providing invaluable tools that will allow you to create and distribute company training, orientations, and essential information to your employees. 

This once tedious process that took up the attention of your workforce can now be automated, created, managed and delivered far more efficiently, thanks to the modern LMS. 

No more precious company time has to be spent on learning tasks that aren’t truly relevant to your business. Allowing you to reduce waste, improve efficiencies, and train employees far faster than via traditional methods.


How to Choose an LMS Platform

Choosing the best learning management system can be a challenging and daunting exercise, but BCI is here to help make the process smoother. 

Once you have clearly defined your desired goals and outcomes, the experts at Beyond Campus Innovations can assist your organization, school, or business in selecting the optimal LMS for your specific needs, requirements and budget.


How Beyond Campus Innovations Can Help

Beyond Campus Innovations has been embraced by enterprises and organizations big and small, local and government agencies alike, while also reaching students and teachers internationally. 

We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you navigate the challenges faced when attempting to design an engaging, effective online learning strategy. From reviewing and selecting the best LMS platform, to designing, then delivering compelling, engaging learning content, BCI will ensure an effective and successful process.  

BCI has been a leader in the elearning field for years, and we want to bring our comprehensive expertise to your organization, school, or company. 

Working in collaboration, we can help steer you towards the best learning management system for your specific needs, thereby providing your employees, teachers, or students the finest possible end user experience. 

Schedule a No-Obligation Consultation Today! Call us at 720-699-8489, or email us at info@beyondcampus.com.

Published 12/11/2020

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