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Understanding the Traits of a Successful Online Learner

As our world becomes increasingly digital, we’re seeing an explosion of eLearning solutions. Higher education institutions are offering more online course options than ever before, and many organizations have been turning to online learning to ensure their employees have the proper skills and training to succeed.

While there are many reasons why online learning can be more effective than in-person courses, it’s also important to understand that there are certain traits that are commonly possessed by individuals who are typically most successful in an eLearning format. In order to set your students up for success, it’s important that you build your online courses with these traits in mind.

To gain a better understanding of the characteristics associated with successful online learning, we recommend that you read the following article from Minnesota State University: What Makes a Successful Online Learner?

Key Takeaways from This Article

eLearning course Learning experts at Minnesota State University have identified the 7 elements as being critical to online learning success:

For a deeper explanation of these items, we encourage you to read the full article linked above.

Leveraging this Information to Elevate the Success of Online Learners

Failing to understand the elements and traits that contribute to successful online learning can have devastating consequences for your students. It can create a situation where certain students are inherently more likely to succeed than others. To ensure all your eLearning students are set up for success, you should provide resources in our online courses which give students who lack these traits some tools to cultivate them. This may include:

Let Beyond Campus Innovations Help

Crafting an eLearning program that sets all of your students up for success is a complex and nuanced process that requires extensive experience understanding the unique ways in which online learning differs from in-person learning. As the industry leader in learning development innovation, Beyond Campus Innovations can help you get the most out of your program.

Our exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™ delivers a more effective, sustainable and impactful experience for your students. It also makes it easier for your organization to plan, execute and sustain a successful online learning program into the future. We accomplish this by:

BCI’s Learning Transformation Platform™ raises the bar for what can be achieved with online learning. This will result in a more impactful experience that will benefit your organization for years to come.

Contact us to learn how BCI can improve your organization’s online learning program.

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