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From Start-Up to Legacy SaaS Provider

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) is committed to continuously improving the online learning experience for technology companies. Whether you are a start-up or legacy SaaS provider, we have a long history of working in this area. Our team has the in-house expertise and experience to help your company take the next step forward with online learning.


Benefits of eLearning for Technology Companies

The use of eLearning technology systems and platforms in the technology industry helps businesses to build the skills and knowledge of their workforce while keeping training costs at a reasonable level.

Improvements and Innovation in Productivity

Digital workflows in technology industry training courses facilitate improvements and innovation in productivity. In our technology course work and design, we have taught students, employees, and customers a variety of skills as well as how-to operational methods. Our courses often provide learners with a series of tools and methods to improve productivity by understanding how to make sure the right information is available when it’s needed.

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Effective and Efficient Training

eLearning enables technology companies to more effectively and efficiently train their workforce. In particular, using eLearning courses for employee training can help your business achieve:

eLearning makes it possible to deliver training to different locations while having central supervision of the process, with a single deployment that your IT department can easily run.

This ensures your workforce will remain current on the latest rules and regulations, something that is especially important in compliance training.

Raising the Bar for eLearning in the Technology Industry

We work closely with organizations to provide an exceptional eLearning experience that delivers the information your team needs to be successful. Topics covered in our courses include your company’s operating procedures, policies, restrictions and guidelines, as well as subjects related to professional ethics, and sexual and racial discrimination issues.

We accomplish this by creating and delivering the best online training and learning management programs available. The end result is a true transformation of the learner experience.

The BCI Difference

Beyond Campus Innovations can guide you through the process of creating custom eLearning courses that address the unique needs of your organization and employees.

Our exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™ has been specially designed to help you enjoy a greater level of success within your organization. Our platform achieves this goal by performing a deep dive into your organization to understand your needs and define your critical learning success elements. This information will drive the process of constructing a customized eLearning solution that addresses your current goals while providing a framework that will be sustainable as your business grows over time.

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