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eLearning Strategy

Lead Change in a Way That Creates New Opportunities

Companies are taking big, transformative steps in learning and training, redefining their purpose, embarking on end-to-end digital transformations and learning how to achieve disruptive innovation in a rapidly shifting market environment.

Our Experts Have the Breadth of Knowledge

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) experts have the breadth of perspectives and depth of experience needed to provide strategic advice that will achieve optimal and sustainable results.

Our team of eLearning strategy professionals challenge assumptions to design and deliver strategies that create and improve profitability, providing long-term value to your organization.

eLearning Strategy Recommendations Customized to Your Unique Needs

We create a custom eLearning approach tailored to each client’s unique situation, bringing extensive business and sector experience with tested analytical techniques. We help you answer several crucial questions in order to shape the direction of your instructional design strategy:

Guiding Teams to Achieve Results

Today, organizational results depend on how well leaders guide and train their teams to achieve results and outcomes. Leaders and teams must be good problem solvers and thinkers. The best way to nurture, monitor and measure this internal capability is through online engagement and training.


The BCI eLearning Strategy Approach

BCI helps organizations through our structured framework of online development:


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We Start with the Creation of a Tailored Roadmap

To be successful, leaders need a framework to align action plans with organizational excellence. This is the most effective way to introduce innovation and change to your organization. BCI has the tools, people and experience needed to provide this type of support. Our eLearning and educational experts diagnose, assess, and ask probing questions through a more objective lens.

Most organizations have developed strategic plans. We’ve learned that some of our best partners and clients want to engage the people in their organization to achieve excellence that aligns to a strategic plan. These leaders ask: what is the best way to do that? BCI works side-by-side with our partner organizations to build an execution roadmap and framework that aligns with their strategic plan to produce results.

Creating a Learning Solution by Identifying Individual Learner Needs

Great learning experiences center on individual learner needs. Our team will work hand in hand with yours to address the big-picture and conceptual framework of your learning solution. From there, we will work with the learning content that you provide to make sure your learner is getting the right information at the right time.

Once we have established the solution’s framework, we can begin to understand how to present the learning concepts in a way that will be relevant to your specific learners.

Our Team Can identify Challenges

In just a few short hours, our team can identify your workforce challenges and use that data to build a custom training solution. An organizational needs analysis process helps us get to the bottom of your training challenges. Our team quickly identifies obstacles your workforce faces and uses that information to build a customized learning solution to meet your team’s unique needs. Discover how an organizational needs analysis and assessment can benefit your organization.

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