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Beyond Campus Innovations - Online Course Design - 303The advent of distance learning and online education has revolutionized learning as we know it. Organizations can take advantage of these new opportunities by customizing the courses they rely on. Online employee training and customer education eliminates the costs associated with off-site training, employee travel, and the time lost due to absence.

Custom online education programs have numerous advantages including:

  • Reduced Cost: Conserve training resources with custom programs delivered online that get rid of the need for on-site trainers and on-location classrooms, while enabling your ability to educate more employees at the same time.
  • Relevant Coursework: Coursework is custom created to the learning outcomes expected to keep learners focused and eliminate the need for irrelevant prerequisites and standardized coursework.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Learners complete their coursework at the pace that best enables retention for them within the provided timeframe. Assignments along the way measure mastery of concepts to determine if more study is needed to achieve proficiency.
  • No Required Location or Schedule: Wherever there’s an Internet connection, learners can complete their education on their own time. Increase productivity and resources without required travel time and expenses for learners and trainers.
  • Custom Curriculum: Training materials fit the specific needs of an employee’s required duties and the preferred method of execution according to company policy. For instance, a call center employee needs different training from a receptionist.
  • Stackable Credentials: Enable steady growth by providing education relevant to where the learner is in their career. Create a path to the top through incremental achievements that build mastery over subjects slowly.
  • Comprehensive Learner Profiles: Create comprehensive learner profiles to use in professional performance reviews, identify training gaps, and empower goal-based growth.

Online learning can change the face of your training department. Constantly searching for the best standardized off-site courses offered by overpriced providers can be a thing of the past. Training your employees your way, with your materials allows for greater organizational effectiveness.

How BCI Can Help

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Having your own custom training programs also allows you to train your future corporate leaders the way you need them to be trained. Your leadership

programs can be aligned to the standards recognized to be most effective within the organization. It can also improve communications between all levels of the organization and influence a strong culture by ensuring that everyone speaks the same language.

An investment in custom online training can be expanded to suit the growth and needs of your company. The few courses required by a start-up will need to expand as that company grows. Partner with eLearning experts to make sure your organization is on track for maximum achievement regardless of where you are now.

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