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September 2019 Corporate Newsletter

September Corporate Newsletter

Developing career ladders and paths serve to help employees expand their knowledge base and skills, resulting in much higher levels of employee engagement. Is your organization dedicated resources to this initiative? Do you lack the internal resources to create or expand existing self-paced, online training programs?

Custom Programs

Let our customized, branded online training maximize your employee’s productivity. We consult with you to ensure that the trainings are aligned with your desired outcomes, we design the curriculum assist with implementation and offer follow up support.

The trainings fit the specific needs of an employee’s required duties, require no specific location or schedule, produce assessment scores and allow for accountability tracking.

Professional Development Series

Courses geared towards all organization, corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. These newly created online trainings are designed to help employees gain the knowledge necessary to improve management, leadership and organizational development. These interactive courses are focused on developing, increasing and upskilling within management roles cover topics such as managing people, employee engagement, employee retention, management soft skills and leadership development. These courses can be either role, department or industry-specific and branded to your organization. Strategically reduce employee turnover • Create clear career and promotional pathways for employees • Establish internal resources to support professional development, management, leadership and industry-specific training • Curate employee training programs • Motivate employees with a strong and pervasive company culture • Develop common goals to foster a sense of teamwork among employees • Ensure employees align with your organizationʼs vision and goals. Let BCI work collaboratively with your organization to prepare your new model for effective in-house custom training. Start seeing immediate results in standardized processes, procedures and increased employee satisfaction and retention.

BCI is a wholly-owned entity of the Colorado State University System Foundation. We are fortunate to be able to draw upon the expertise and insights of the CSU Systemʼs knowledge and success of itʼs own online university and supporting solutions. Please email Ann Friedrich, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at ann.friedrich@beyondcampus.com for more information.

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