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We create and deliver the best online training and learning management programs available. The end result is a true transformation of the learner experience, shifting what is possible for both online and brick-and-mortar organizations.

What to Expect During Your Free Consultation

  • Discuss your current training systems
  • Discuss your current eLearning challenges and goals
  • Review and explore potential eLearning options
  • Discuss compliance needs for your eLearning (ADA, WCAC 2.0)
  • Share BCI’s unique approach to more effective L&D

What to Expect After the Consultation

  • A custom proposal for your organization’s eLearning needs
  • An overview of BCI’s 8-Step eLearning Accelerator Program
  • A customized roadmap to streamline the time and effort needed to develop and deliver more effective L&D
  • The cost savings estimate of creating a truly effective online L&D program
  • Case studies for your industry

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