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Internationally Recognized Innovator

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) is an internationally recognized innovator in online education. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation as an industry leader for our eLearning strategy services, curriculum and course development, and respected faculty members.

Turnkey, Fully Outsourced Solutions

We work with companies large and small, associations and nonprofit organizations, as well as leading universities and colleges.

If needed, BCI can provide turnkey, fully outsourced solutions. Equipped with practical and innovative technologies, proven methods, and experienced professionals to guide you, BCI is the partner you need for maximizing your online training and education.

eLearning Services We Offer

Our comprehensive eLearning services include:

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf, ready to go courses, including:

  • Professional Development Series
  • MBA Program Bundle
  • Individual Courses
    • Accounting
    • Artificial intelligence – AI
    • Cyber Security
    • Decision Theory
    • Economics
    • Ethics
    • Finance
    • Information Technology – IT
    • Leadership
    • Management
    • Strategy
    • Sustainability

Each course includes:

  • Course Content
  • Instructor-led PowerPoint Presentations
  • Discussion Topics and Framework
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Midterm Exam
  • Final Exam

Trust Our Experience

Experienced Professionals

BCI’s industry leading professionals work with organizations worldwide to collaboratively determine the best approaches to meet educational and training goals. With experienced professionals by your side, we help create a comprehensive strategy to address and improve the most impactful areas of your organization utilizing known solutions that optimize learning.

Service Teams

No matter your goals, industry, type of business, or education specialty, BCI’s service teams will leverage our experience and knowledge to create an organizational roadmap to efficiently, effectively, and affordably launch programming that best meets your needs and target opportunities for growth.

Sustain an Infrastructure

We analyze your ability to create, launch and sustain an infrastructure with managed services in eLearning, enrollment, faculty recruitment, technology, curriculum development.

eLearning Strategies

Transforming your content and knowledge into an online educational offering, instead of a traditional classroom setting, can be a daunting challenge for individuals and organizations alike. BCI has a proven formula and strategy to help you accelerate the development of your online training programs.

Our partners gain valuable insights and tools to help them navigate the development of an eLearning strategy. We work with organizational leaders to create a roadmap that clearly identifies the goals and outcomes needed to launch or redesign a world class eLearning program.

Some of the elements of our strategic planning and development include:

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How Customized Online Training Can Help Your Organization

Whether you’re a corporation, government agency, nonprofit or educational institution, eLearning provides a path to success. Our services can be tailored to focus on any of the following priorities or bundled in a comprehensive strategic plan.

As modern learners continue to become more familiar with technology, their preferences will lead them toward the organizations and institutions who can best meet their demands. Stand out among competitors and reap the benefits of taking your training and education programs online.

Save time and money without the overhead costs of traditional education and the ability to provide uniform courses, training, and onboarding materials on-demand.

Customize course materials to fit the needs of your organization’s culture, policies, or specific duties.

Get noticed with these modern investments to attract competitive employees and widen the range of potential students who can now complete their education through distance learning.

How to Create and Launch an Effective eLearning Strategy

Whatever your business needs, BCI can deliver an engaging, world class interactive learning experience. Our 8-Step eLearning Accelerator Program walks organizations through the innovative video and content creation process with our built-in performance measures to take your learning content to the next level.

Proven Strategy

BCI has a proven strategy to help you accelerate the development of your online training programs. Our partners gain valuable insights and tools to help them navigate the development of an e-learning strategy.

We work with organizational leaders to create a roadmap that clearly identifies the goals and outcomes needed to launch or redesign a world class eLearning program. ​

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Comprehensive Consulting, Development and Technology Solutions

Tailored programs and solutions for our clients include:

Academic Support

Transforming Higher Education and K-12 through eLearning and Learner Engagement

BCI has been at the forefront of creating online educational offerings for over a decade. From our roots working with Colorado State University, CSU Global, and other institutions around the world, BCI has led the effort to create high levels of learner engagement and high quality online educational experiences.

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Change Management

Create successful outcomes to transform your workforce

Informed by client experience and industry research, the BCI change management platform is a new, more personalized and immersive approach to change within an organization based on our powerful data sets, learner profiles and user experience methods. To create a culture ready for change, leaders must shift an organization’s perceptions of change management from an episodic solution to an ongoing strategy.

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Corporate Training

Employee Engagement and Development Strategies

Employee training helps improve employee engagement and increase retention. When built with a comprehensive eLearning strategy, it can accelerate the efficiency and productivity of your workforce. BCI works with organizations to design an employee training and engagement strategy that easily and consistently allows you to train your employees as you engage them with ongoing development. Our eLearning solutions achieve both educational goals as well as skill development for companies of all sizes.

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Course Development

The way courses and content are delivered online is fundamentally different that traditional classroom-based learning

The emergence of online education will fundamentally alter the way students learn and teachers teach. Courses cannot be simply converted by video or text into online learning. Courses delivered online through LMS platforms need to be reinvented to engage the learners with new and effective methods. BCI’s team of professional instructional designers and content delivery experts can help your organization assess and deliver world class content with the courses that meet the needs and expectations of today’s learners.

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Learning Management System Expertise

A crucial component in the planning, development, and maintenance of online training and learning courses

The value of online education, training, and development is directly proportional to the identified vision and mission of your organization and its leaders. Once the organizational strategy for eLearning has been formulated, the next step is to identify a Learning Management System (LMS) that best fits your needs and requirements. BCI provides customized strategies and planning solutions to organizations looking to launch or redesign their learning, training, and educational efforts. Our industry leading team of LMS experts take pride in delivering the recommendations, services, and support that your company or educational institution requires.

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Organizational Transformation

Transforming People First through Learning Development

Establishing expectations and behaviors that drive change doesn’t come through mandates or communication alone. It requires everyone in an organization to understand why their effort is critical, what they’re being asked to do and how their contribution will shape the future. When employees can connect their role to a desired change, they commit to the changes and are invested in the outcomes of the transformational strategy.

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Strategy & Innovation

Innovation Strategies for Organizations

To be successful, leaders and employees need a framework to align action plans with organizational excellence to introduce innovation and change. BCI has the tools, people and experience needed to provide this type of support. Our eLearning and educational experts diagnose, assess, and ask probing questions through a more objective lens. BCI works side-by-side with our partner organizations to build an execution roadmap and framework that aligns to their strategic plan to produce training and education results.

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Workforce Development

Attract and Encourage Talent through Career Pathways

BCI can help you transform your approach to attracting, retaining, and promoting high-performing talent. We work with our clients to develop effective strategies for attracting talent who have the technical requirements and soft skills necessary for creating a positive working environment committed to exceptional experience and service.

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The BCI Difference

Choosing the right eLearning solution for your organization can be a daunting task. It’s crucial to have a partner that can guide you through the process to ensure you’re set up for success. BCI’s unique Learning Transformation Platform™ provides you with the framework to unlock the possibilities that can be achieved when eLearning is conducted effectively.

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We’ll Own the Entire Process for You

We’ll equip you with the tools necessary to build the infrastructure for your online learning program, and we’ll own the entire process for you – from building your courses to rolling out your courses on the LMS of your choice. To ensure your eLearning program continues to meet your needs over time, we’ll monitor your program’s performance and perform any upgrades necessary to achieve the success outcomes you identify at the onset of the process.

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