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Organizational Transformation

Embracing and Enabling Innovation in Higher Education

The question is not whether higher education in the U.S. will be transformed, but how.

For years, colleges and universities have been regional monopolies, protected by a system of accreditation and a host of state and federal regulations that create high barriers to entry. However, an array of forces is acting to disrupt all aspects of the traditional business model of higher education.

Numerous Factors Come Into Play

Even before the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shut-downs, numerous factors were threatening the status quo. Some of these factors include

Higher Education Institutions Must Adapt to Stay Competitive

If colleges and universities can become more innovative and efficient, they will survive and prosper. The most critical challenge facing most institutions will be the ability to develop the capacity for change.

Universities and colleges must diligently strive and seek leaders committed to the removal of constraints and internal obstacles (often instructors reluctant to change) that prevent them from responding to the needs of a rapidly changing society.

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Supports More Students at a Lower Cost

Higher education institutions continue to experience increasing levels of rapid change, navigating competition, diversifying student populations, and dwindling financial resources. College and university leaders face a growing sense of urgency to prepare for the future and transform.

Leaders will not be able to solve for every economic, political, social, or technological variable reshaping the industry. Rooting transformation in tangible changes to the delivery of education will prepare their teams to educate and impact many more students than previously supported and at lower costs. This is best accomplished through transitioning to eLearning approaches and expanding existing online offerings.

The BCI Difference

BCI’s unique Learning Transformation Platform™ is ideally suited to position higher education institutions for success in this changing academic environment. Our exclusive approach provides you with the framework necessary to make informed, strategic decisions about your eLearning programs, setting your organization up for a smooth transition that will help you become an industry leader over the decades to come.

By identifying the most effective solutions to meet the needs of your student population, we can transform how you see learning and expand the possibilities you can achieve.

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