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Non-Profit Organizations

Continuously Improving

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) is committed to continuously improving the online learning experience of non-profit organizations. We have a long history of working in the non-profit sector and have the in-house expertise to help your organization take the next step forward with online learning.

Whether you are a large member-driven organization or a small community organization, BCI can help you develop a customized eLearning program to address your unique needs.

Benefits of eLearning

The use of eLearning technology in the non-profit arena enables organizations to elevate the skills and experience of their team, while providing a more cost-effective solution to their training needs.

A Variety of Opportunities

Online learning creates a variety of opportunities that can help your team improve their productivity. We can help you create custom courses that will grow the overall knowledge base of your team, while providing a wealth of techniques to process information more effectively.

In addition, individuals who take your eLearning courses will enjoy a user-friendly navigation model and platform, making it much easier to work through complex materials.

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You Can Use eLearning Solutions to Gain:

Because your courses are delivered in an online format, you can deliver important information and training to multiple locations from a centralized platform with a single deployment that your IT team can easily implement. This will make it easier to keep your members current on the latest rules and regulations, something especially useful in compliance training.

We work with our clients to create and deliver the best online training and learning management programs available. The end result is a true transformation of the learner or member experience.

The BCI Difference

Developing a customized eLearning solution that addresses the unique needs of your organization can be overwhelming to conceptualize and challenging to implement. Beyond Campus Innovations can help you navigate process to ensure your online training resources set you up for success today while providing the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs over time.

Our exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™ has been specially designed to help you enjoy a greater level of success within your organization. This unique platform has been refined over time based on years of experience working with organizations like yours to develop the effective eLearning solutions they need.

Our Learning Transformation Platform™ contains five core components:

  • Define critical learning success elements – Define your specific objectives to help us develop a roadmap of course content
  • Architect your learning solution – Plan and design the courses that will be part of your eLearning program
  • Build infrastructure – Create the course modules, and perform detailed QA and testing to ensure your program meets your needs
  • Launch your system – Your courses can be managed on your desired LMS
  • Monitor and improve – Evaluate how effectively your courses are meeting your established success outcomes and make any updates necessary to better achieve your goals

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