Corporate Employee Training Programs: E-learning vs. Face-to-Face

Corporations that choose to invest in the education and upskilling of their employees often benefit from motivated employees who possess the specific abilities necessary in their niche industry, field, or role. One major decision that corporations must make is the methodology used to teach employees. While e-learning courses have become popular in recent years, face-to-face training can still be a viable option. Keep reading to explore the benefits and risks of each method to make the best choice for your employees and business goals.

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4 Ways E-Learning Can Engage Your Employees for Maximum Outcomes

Most organizations today understand the positive impact of educated, motivated, and dedicated employees towards their tenure and performance, which is why so many now offer training and education benefits. While the digital format of e-learning courses has widened access and lowered cost, retention of what they have learned is directly tied to learner engagement. Continue reading to see how organizations are optimizing their training investment by focusing on models that emphasize engagement as a necessary tactic for impactful and effective goal achievement.

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Closing the Skills Gap with E-Learning Solutions

The emergence of new workplace technologies continues to threaten older and less skilled workers while allowing for specially skilled employees to fill these new roles. Unfortunately, these special skills can be hard to find. The resulting skills gap is hurting both employees and employers as both sides seek the necessary skills for growth.

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As society changes the way we absorb information and interact with one another, so do the tools, techniques, and strategies we’ve become accustomed, and education is no different. We’ve investigated adaptive learning, which uses learner-driven technology to chart future curriculum, and today we’re diving into another phenomenon, “microlearning.”