Beyond Campus Innovations - September 2019 Higher Education Newsletter

September 2019 Higher Education Newsletter

BCI’s seasoned consulting professionals can do a comprehensive, data driven analysis and outline a clear pathway to best achieve your goals. We work collaboratively with your stakeholders and align the process with your technology, your strategic plan, and your organizational readiness

Beyond Campus Innovations - Newsletter - September Corporate Newsletter

September 2019 Corporate Newsletter

Developing career paths serve to help employees expand their knowledge base and skills, resulting in much higher levels of employee engagement. Has your organization dedicated resources to this initiative?

Beyond Campus Innovations -Blog - BCI Launches Professional Development Series Designed for Managers (1)

BCI Launches Professional Development Series Designed for Managers

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI), an eLearning consulting and technology development company, recently released five courses as part of our new Professional Development Series. Discover how these courses follow the U.S. training trend of outsourcing without increasing costs.

Beyond Campus Innovations - Blog - How Growing Online is Growing Revenue

How Growing Online is Growing Revenue

Online enrollment growth is outpacing on-campus enrollment and the institutions taking advantage of this new demand are seeing results. Colleges and universities have turned to a number of creative revenue streams to defeat declining enrollments, but expanding online has been the most prominent, popular and profitable.

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The Impact of Declining Enrollment

Higher education student enrollments have been declining steadily in recent years. While the reasons behind the trend are varied, the impact on institutions could be fatal. Operating under lean budgets, universities are rethinking how and who they recruit, as well as what to do with the assets they have. See how academic prioritization and a new look at students are impacting the struggling sector of higher ed.