Your 2019 College Student Profile

The demands from modern students are changing the landscape of education today. With a growing number of nontraditional, adult students increasing, colleges are forced to accommodate, change and adapt, or risk the future of their institution.

What Colleges Aren’t Doing Enough to Keep the Doors Open

What Colleges Aren’t Doing Enough to Keep the Doors Open

Declining enrollment rates in higher education have been trending over the past couple of years. Now we’re seeing a record number of colleges have to partner with larger universities, sell off land and other assets, or even close their doors altogether in the face of a number of changing factors.


Seismic Shift: The Factors Impacting Your Nation’s Workforce

As we look into the next decade, there will be a seismic shift from the current shared view of our world from what I call the “3 Big Agitators”: 1. The First is Moore’s Law – this Law relates to the exponential advancements in technological change.


Increasing the Value of Your Organization’s Training Investments

Increasing the Value of Your Organization’s Training Investments In today’s market of full-employment and technology-driven constant change, employees are time-starved and yet understand the need for their continual acquisition of new knowledge.

Beyond Campus Innovations - BCI Business Advancement Report

BCI Business Advancement Report

As nationwide unemployment continues to hover just above 4%, even lower in some markets, employers are facing mounting obstacles in attracting and retaining an engaged workforce with the skills necessary to drive organizational success.

Beyond Campus Innovations - Consulting Case Study - Masonry

Is Asynchronous E-learning Better or Worse than a Traditional Classroom?

A lot has changed since technology took center-stage in our daily lives, and one of the biggest benefactors has been education. Today’s students have a choice in the way they absorb knowledge; whether that be in a traditional face-to-face setting or through a virtual platform. While many students, businesses, and educational institutions are taking advantage of the benefits of e-learning, there is still support for the traditional in-person format.