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eLearning Management System

Transform Your Content and Knowledge

Transforming your content and knowledge into an online educational offering, instead of a traditional classroom setting, can be a daunting challenge for individuals and organizations alike.

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) has a proven strategy to help you accelerate the development of your online training programs. Our partners gain valuable insights and tools to help them navigate the development of an eLearning strategy.

Create a Roadmap

We work with organizational leaders to create a roadmap that clearly identifies the goals and outcomes needed to launch or redesign a world class eLearning program.

Some of the elements of our strategic planning and development include:

BCI can deliver an engaging, world class interactive learning experience to address the specific needs of your business. Our 8-Step eLearning Accelerator Program walks organizations through the innovative video and content creation process with our built-in performance measures to take your learning content to the next level.

Selecting a Design Model and Learning Method

Selecting design models influences how an eLearning project is to be logically created. Choosing learning methods will then help define the learner experience.


Design Models

While there are various design models in eLearning, the root model is called ADDIE and is a set of 5 sequenced steps as follows:


Learning Methods

Like design models, while all learning methods aim to successfully teach, they too differ in emphasis, and there is a range of possible selection.

Is collaboration between learners, such as relying on forums to cross-pollinate ideas, a desirable feature? Are role-playing exercises central? Is the classroom ‘flipped’ where reading and research is offline, and the e-learning is pure activity? Gamification, using elements of games to engage, is also a learning method.

Learning Management Systems – An Introduction

In discussing learning management systems (LMS), there can be a tendency to over complicate their function. Of note, an LMS is not a course that has been designed to meet a learning objective.

An LMS is an online website that allows authorized access to courses and then records assessment results. Learners log onto the system with a username, and the LMS then provides access to certain courses. Which courses a user can access is decided on by an LMS administrator.

Types of Courses on an LMS

There are two types of courses on an LMS. Some are developed with authoring tools, while others are simply raw media assets such as PowerPoints and PDF’s which are loaded sequentially into a list. The LMS then manages access to this list as a course.

Regardless of the course type, the LMS allows for the creation of assessment questions to test competency after a course has been completed. The answers a learner provides can be graded in real time or at a later time by a teacher. A feature of an LMS is that it also has roles such as student, teacher, and administrator built in. Roles are attached to a user-ID and control what a user is permitted to modify on the LMS.

An LMS is simply the facilitator of access to courses and allows the recording of assessment results.

Identifying a Learning Management System

Selecting or upgrading an LMS can be a challenging and exhausting exercise, especially given the number and variety of options available today. BCI will take the time, challenge, and pain out of the selection process.

If this is your first time evaluating a learning management system, you’ll face a variety of terms and ideas that may be new to you. If you want to replace an existing eLearning system, your perspective and expectations may be colored by your prior experience. BCI can help identify your organizational and learning needs, save time during the evaluation process and find a solution that works for you.

BCI Performs a Needs Assessment to Help You Decide What's Important

Identify your needs with our proven and simple assessment. Save time in your evaluations and money on your purchase when you know exactly what you need and what you don’t.

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Beyond Campus Innovations has developed a unique Learning Transformation Platform™ that will help you enjoy a greater level of success within your organization. Our exclusive platform will keep you focused on your goals throughout the course development process, allowing you to get the most out of your efforts.

Our Learning Transformation Platform™ provides the framework you need to develop an effective eLearning program:

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