Learner Services

Meet the Challenges of the Dynamic Marketplace

BCI’s experience and service-oriented values ensure that client needs for its customers can be met with responsive, qualified, and trained service-providers. To help ensure the success of client courses and programs, BCI can provide its partners with online trainers and instructors, and course enrollment and ongoing learner support services.

Affordability and Flexibility

BCI’s expertise in turnkey online education program provision provides diverse expertise that your organization can draw upon to optimize your investment in online programs and courses. To start, we can provide assistance in securing and training instructors, helping to get learners ready to enroll and start in online classes, and with helping to ensure learner engagement and satisfaction.

The Highest Quality

BCI has experience in meeting the service needs of its diverse partners and their array of varying needs. From personal and professional development learning to organizational training and university course instruction, BCI has the breadth of experience needed to understand and meet client requirements.

No Drama Delivery

Surety in meeting your organizational and institutional objectives can be enhanced with BCI’s knowledge and expertise in running online programs and courses. We have experience in providing turnkey private-label programs complete with instructors and curriculum; course enrollment, applicant advising, and student advising; and developing to a variety of online course formats so that we can provide accurate delivery of our services on budget and on-time.

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