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K-12 Learning

Continuously Improving

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) is committed to continuously improving the online learning experience for students, educators, school administration, district leaders and central support staff.

We have a robust history of developing interactive eLearning curriculum (lessons, units, courses) and professional development for all district staff. Our inhouse expertise and experience will seamlessly guide any part of your school organization into 21st century eLearning opportunities.

Learning for a Variety of Groups

eLearning for Students

BCI is the leading expert in working with school districts, schools, and teachers to build interactive eLearning experiences for students of all grades. Our focus on targeted grade level rigor, culturally responsive education, and relevant learning brings learning to life for students.

BCI’s educational eLearning systems are interactive and can be designed at the lesson, unit, and course levels. Our content experts will partner with teachers, school leaders and curriculum specialist to create a custom learning experience for your students. You will witness immediate student growth and intrigue as you incorporate eLearning into your classroom models.

eLearning for School and District Staff

BCI has a proven track record in partnering with schools and districts in designing and building excellent eLearning professional development experiences. Leveraging BCI’s eLearning system, schools and districts can expect game changing professional learning that will have immediate impact on student learning. Similar to students, teachers can get real time, effective and targeted learning to improve their practice, shifting what is possible for professional learning.

Our designers are experts in the K-12 field and are ready to work with you to provide school and district professional learning opportunities. By using eLearning for professional development, school and district teams are able to:

  • Increase student supports by decreasing the number of staff needed to build professional learning opportunities
  • Differentiate professional learning by grade, content and teacher needs
  • Provide professional learning outside of the predetermined staff development days
  • Progress monitor staff engagement and learning through modular assessments
  • Standardized learning opportunities across grade levels, schools and/or district teams

We partner with schools and districts to deliver state-of-the-art eLearning solutions that meet the needs and demands of the modern school district.

At BCI, we’re committed to solving education’s biggest problems of learner engagement and curricular relevance to increase content mastery. Our online learning programs can pay huge dividends for school districts, helping to:

  • Maximize student growth through interactive learning opportunities
  • Captivate students with modern, relevant, and intriguing learning tools
  • Reduce learning disparities between student populations
  • Provide staff with targeted and differentiated professional learning opportunities

Benefits of eLearning in K-12 Educational Environments

eLearning solutions provide benefits that impact every stakeholder in the educational process. Students, teachers, schools and districts, and parents will all enjoy an enriched experience when these tools are implemented in K-12 classrooms.

Student benefits to eLearning include:

  • Modules are intriguing, interactive, self-paced and accessible in any location
  • Module assessments provide immediate feedback on content mastery
  • Modules allow students to differentiate their instructional needs by investigating new topics, repeating lessons and moving forward with their learning when ready

Teacher benefits to eLearning include:

  • Teachers become hyper focused on student growth and learning as their time moves from a content development focus to a student learning focus
  • Teachers are able to supplement modules with just in time direct student support for individualized instruction
  • Modules provide real time feedback on student engagement and learning status, allowing teachers to maximize competency-based learning opportunities

School and district benefits to eLearning include:

  • Modules are designed to represent the student community, increasing rigor and learning relevance
  • Real time data on student learning and competency mastery
  • Significant increase in staff dedicated to supporting student learning
  • Increased efficacy of parent conversations, using module completion data to highlight student engagement and competency mastery

Parent benefits to eLearning include:

  • Parents have knowledge of what their children are learning in school
  • Parents can learn alongside their children at home, engaging in the interactive modular lessons to increase home conversations, learning and support
  • Parents can progress monitor their student’s learning leveraging the real time competency mastery tools

The BCI Difference

As eLearning continues to revolutionize the K-12 experience, schools will need to adapt in order to provide families the best possible learning opportunities. Beyond Campus Innovations can help you navigate the eLearning landscape to ensure your offerings meet the unique needs of your classroom, school and district.

Designing your courses to building the course modules to launching your new program on your preferred LMS. Once your eLearning courses are live, we’ll continuously evaluate how effectively they’re meeting your success outcomes and make any necessary updates to ensure ongoing success of your program.

We Deliver a More Effective Experience

We are the only learning development innovators in the market providing a Learning Transformation Platform™ delivering a more effective, sustainable and impactful experience. We take the time to get to understand your specific needs in order to define the appropriate critical learning success elements that will drive the creation of your eLearning program. We’ll manage the entire process for you, from

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