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Instructional Design

Achieve an Instructional Goal

Either delivered in the classroom or as online learning, all successful learning needs to make use of instructional design strategies. In eLearning, the design strategy expresses an approach taken to achieve an instructional goal. In effect, the strategy dictates how the learning will be designed and then constructed to satisfy a learning objective.

Lacking a physical teacher, eLearning needs a strategy to not only sequence learning content, but also to act as a proxy teacher to keep learners motivated and engaged.

What Is Instructional Design Strategy?

An instructional design strategy is a recipe for how to best package learning into a series of logical learning encounters. Ideally, the design will create smaller “chunks” of learning to improve learner comprehension.

A Design Strategy Sets the Course Structure

Based on an identified learning gap, a design strategy sets out the course structure, presentation style, and assessment specifications. Also, the strategy notes the types of media, explanatory text, the development tools and the online environment where the eLearning will be run from.

BCI works closely with clients and partners to identify the right instructional designer. Our team of designers can help you create the perfect course.

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The BCI Approach

Detailing the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of an eLearning module forms the core of an instructional design strategy. A design strategy is a systematic approach to creating learning content that is informed by analysis to discover the instructional goal of the intended eLearning.

What is the best approach to take when designing eLearning? It is to ensure that the finished content meets the needs of learners. To achieve this goal, a systematic approach is needed. While there may be a pressing time constraint requiring that development must occur quickly, analyzing and designing, then developing the content is the only approach that will ensure the learning will deliver comprehension.

At BCI, we always consider the user persona first. What is their experience with information technology? What prior learning will these users possess? Designing with this in mind, the eLearning will be relevant to the learner and easy to use. If using the eLearning is beyond the skills of the learner, it is almost certain the learning objective will not be met.

A design format that sets clear learning objectives, summarizes content presented and is followed by assessment should be a fundamental approach of any eLearning design. The format should also dictate that courses be shorter and more numerous rather than a single all-encompassing course. This format works to achieve optimal retention and build user confidence.

Tip for Success

When approaching eLearning design, we also consider the development from the perspective of the learner. What challenges will they enjoy and what will hinder their learning? This approach leads to successful eLearning development.

The BCI Difference

Developing the proper instructional design strategy is crucial to achieving your goals with a new eLearning program. At Beyond Campus Innovations, we can help you develop a design strategy that will help your users optimize their learning.

We’re the only learning development innovators in the market providing a Learning Transformation Platform™ to help you achieve your goals today while sustaining success into the future. We accomplish this by creating a customized framework for your eLearning solution:

Define your critical learning success elements

This first step is critical to building the right solution to address your needs.

Architect your learning solution

We create a blueprint for your new learning solution, including the design for the courses which will be included.

Build your infrastructure

We’ll develop your course modules and all related learning engagement components. Everything will be thoroughly tested before we launch your courses.

Launch your system

We’ll recommend the ideal LMS to manage your eLearning solution.

Monitor and improve

To ensure your eLearning solution continues to meet your goals over time, we’ll regularly monitor performance and make any updates that are needed.

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