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We Offer Solutions for Many Industries

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) provides innovative eLearning solutions for a wide range of industries. Our eLearning services have assisted organizations throughout the world for workforce development, training and learning management, employee and student retention, faculty members, credentialing, enrollment, performance analysis, and managing educational programs.

We provide a comprehensive framework that will transform the way you’re able to leverage eLearning solutions to your team. The end result is a more empowered organization that can achieve greater levels of success.

Industries We Serve

More industries than ever before are leveraging the capabilities of eLearning. If you’re interested in providing a more empowered learning experience, BCI can help. Some of the industries we work with include:

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you don’t see your industry listed above, it’s likely that BCI can help you develop the customized eLearning solution you need. Give us a call to learn more.

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Transforming How You See Learning

At Beyond Campus Innovations, we’re using eLearning to help organizations achieve greater levels of success. We’re the only learning development innovators in the market providing a Learning Transformation Platform™ designed to help you achieve your goals today while providing a framework for sustained success into the future.

Our exclusive platform provides the assistance you need at every stage of the process. We start by working with your team to define your critical learning success elements. These will be used to outline a roadmap of your content, and to better evaluate the success of your program once it’s launched. Once your content roadmap is complete, we’ll design a customized learning solution containing all the courses you need to achieve your goals. Our team will build the infrastructure necessary to deliver your eLearning program and perform all testing prior to launch.

We have the ability to launch your eLearning program on the LMS of your choice, providing the flexibility you need. Once your program is running, we’ll continuously monitor performance to make sure your success outcomes are being met. Our team will make any updates or improvements as needed to ensure you continue meeting your success outcomes over time.


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