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Higher Education Professional Development

Leveraging Innovation

Provide richer learning and instructor opportunities, promote safety, and boost productivity with eLearning solutions for higher education. With flexible online learning options, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that power experiences, and voice and collaboration technologies, our higher education solutions can help provide a better overall campus experience for administrators, faculty, and students.

Innovation and Reinvention

Today, higher education requires complex innovation and reinvention. Student success and engagement are the products of a variety of factors, including:

Working across functional and organizational boundaries must be embedded in the daily practice of a university.

Technology’s ability to take limited educational resources and scale them quickly and efficiently to students across the campus or learners around the globe is a game changer for educational institutions. Innovations in eLearning are transforming higher education sceptics and turning them into true believers in the power of online learning.

Industry Leading Higher Education Online Learning Platforms

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) has been at the forefront of this effort for over a decade. From our roots working with Colorado State University, CSU Global, and other institutions around the world, BCI has led the effort to create high levels of learner engagement and high quality online educational experiences.

Our data show that the impact and effectiveness of new online learning technologies is directly proportional to the embracing and integrating of these innovative platforms by an organization’s leadership and teachers.

Working Side By Side

BCI works side-by-side with institutions willing to build the strategy, infrastructure and support needed to leverage these technologies through the development of new business models. Our partners are quickly creating a willing and able climate of educators that help create, launch, and sustain (rather than stifle) new solutions.

Many of these emerging innovations challenge traditional thinking, especially in the areas of:

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Embracing eLearning

Those institutions embracing eLearning are pointing the way to a new future for education leaders who want to transform their institutions to ensure their very survival. Conversations and strategy planning must go beyond the “what” and “how” and start with the “why.” In assessing engagement and communication, an institution should look for communication that fosters a culture of high accountability through aligned goals, behaviors, and processes.

Higher education institutions must develop a message around a business case for action that will cascade communications and levels of engagement.

The Evolving Nature of Higher Education During a Pandemic

Campuses must adapt to meet the needs of Covid safety and pandemic expectations. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended long-standing expectations about the college experience. Now, higher education institutions must rethink the design and function of their campus spaces to prioritize the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

No matter how college campuses are configured in the future, achieving flexibility – and striking the right balance between physical and virtual learning environments – will require robust, secure technology infrastructure. With nearly two decades of experience supporting higher education institutions, BCI

understands the importance of helping colleges digitally transform their campuses to become safer, smarter, and more flexible.

Given the extra challenges posed by COVID-19, creating a digital campus rises to even greater importance. As colleges navigate their evolving pandemic and post-pandemic environments, BCI can help strengthen and modernize online learning infrastructures and strategies to enable dynamic, engaging, and effective experiences for learning, research and living.


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Providing the eLearning Support Structures for Higher Education Institutions to Thrive

Online courses require educational support to ensure student learning and course completion. This includes:

BCI can help you determine what training efforts are required for faculty and students to facilitate changes in mindsets and behaviors. Not all faculty members are comfortable with virtual classrooms. In addition, there is a digital divide among those who have never used even the basic audio-visual equipment, relying on blackboards and flipcharts, and younger faculty who are aware of and adept in newer technology.

Online Classrooms Are the Norm

As students across the nation begin adopting online classrooms in greater frequency, they’re going to learn that many instructors are not trained to design multimedia presentations with elaborate notations and graphics. Colleges and universities need to use this moment to assess what training is needed to provide a smooth transition that maintains the exceptional experience students deserve.

Benefits to High Education Institutions

When working with BCI, higher education institutions have experienced the proven advantages eLearning offers, including:

The BCI Difference

Beyond Campus Innovations is elevating the possibilities of what can be accomplished through eLearning. Our unique Learning Transformation Platform™ has been designed with your unique needs in mind. Using this one-of-a-kind approach to eLearning, higher education institutions can ensure their courses are developed in a way that achieves their goals today while providing the flexibility necessary for ongoing future success.

We work with your organization to understand your unique objectives and success measures. This knowledge helps us create a blueprint for your eLearning solution. We will build this customized solution for you and integrate it with your existing systems. Ongoing evaluation will monitor the success of your eLearning platform, and updates will be made as needed to ensure it continues to address your needs over time.

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