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eLearning Benefits

eLearning offers a beneficial and effective way for healthcare professionals, from administrators to clinicians, to conveniently learn how to provide the best possible healthcare services. eLearning also offers many benefits to patients and families to increase levels of care support and understanding.

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Organizations that Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) has helped with their online training include:

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Benefits of Using eLearning in the Healthcare Industry

eLearning in healthcare is an efficient, cost-effective and flexible way to provide training to healthcare practitioners and make learning more accessible. It provides a standardized and simple way to manage compliance and continuous professional development programs.

Patients are best helped when practitioners are up to date with the latest in healthcare information and technology, and have easy access to all the information they require on the causes, symptoms, and prognoses of the diseases they are treating. eLearning provides a way for healthcare professionals to stay abreast with the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses and diseases.

Some of the many benefits of using eLearning in healthcare include:

  • Deeper learning – Higher levels of information and knowledge retention than traditional learning
  • Flexible locations – Less time in a classroom or dedicated location (often in short supply in healthcare settings)
  • Flexible learning times – Healthcare workers can easily receive the training without disrupting their working hours
  • Reduced training costs – eLearning is cost-effective as it does not need an instructor, printed materials, or training center
  • Cost savings – eLearning solutions reduce or even eliminates traveling costs
  • Enable 24/7 Access – eLearning allows learners to access training when it is most convenient for them
  • Individualized learning – eLearning in healthcare industry helps professionals to absorb and understand training by including various formats such as images and videos, interactive quizzes, case studies, activities, game-based, scenario-based, and much more

eLearning Services We Provide to the Healthcare Industry

BCI helps healthcare organizations with the following:

  • eLearning strategy creation and development
  • Custom course development
  • Course authoring support and design
  • Learning Management System (LMS) support
  • Access to hundreds of courses
  • CE and CME courses
  • Tracking and reporting

Helping The Healthcare Industry to Advance

The healthcare industry is advancing rapidly through the utilization of online learning. BCI’s eLearning services are giving organizations the ability to help professionals to stay on top of the latest technologies, regulations, training, and certifications. This helps provide patients with the best possible levels of service, treatments, and outcomes.

eLearning for Biotech, Pharma and Med Device Companies

As medical technology and pharmaceutical companies continue to launch new equipment and products aimed at improving patient care and treating illnesses, effective training for any new device or drug is essential for physicians, nurses, clinicians, and technicians. When it comes to online device and drug training, a blended learning environment that includes online training makes a great deal of sense for the industry. eLearning can complement or even replace in-person training in many cases.

Benefits of eLearning

There are many benefits to adopting eLearning with your medical technology or pharmaceutical company:

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The BCI Difference

The rapid changes associated with the healthcare industry require organizations to continuously evolve in order to meet the demands of the individuals they serve. eLearning is a critical way to maintain an edge in the industry, and Beyond Campus Innovations can transform the way your organization is able to leverage this technology.

At BCI, we’re raising the bar for the ways in which online learning can be used in the healthcare industry. As the only learning development innovators in the market providing our exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™, we’re able to deliver a more effective, sustainable and impactful experience to your organization.

Our unique platform provides a comprehensive, analytical process that ensures your eLearning solutions will address your current needs while setting you up for sustained success in the future. We accomplish this by:

  • Defining your critical learning success elements – We identify your objectives, analyze your existing systems, and assess challenges and risks in order to outline a roadmap of content that will achieve your goals.
  • Architect your learning solution – We use this roadmap to develop a blueprint for a customized eLearning solution that will most effectively deliver your desired results.
  • Build infrastructure – We create your eLearning course modules and learning engagement components, perform a comprehensive QA and test all courses prior to launch.
  • Launch your system – Once testing is complete, we will set up your eLearning courses on the LMS of your choice, ensuring it is compatible with any existing systems and infrastructure you use.
  • Monitor and improve – We’re always evaluating the performance of your eLearning program to ensure it meets your established success measures, and we make any updates and improvements necessary as the need arises.

Enjoy a greater level of success within your organization when you use our Learning Transformation Platform™ to build your eLearning program.


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