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Government eLearning Platform

Robust eLearning Solutions

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) offers robust eLearning solutions for government agencies. From state and local governments to federal and Department of Defense (DOD) programs, trust BCI’s history and expertise to help your agency or department take the next step with online learning.

eLearning Solutions Catered to the Needs of Government Agencies

Government agencies choose BCI online learning technologies and solutions because they are easy to implement, easy to scale and span the learning topics your employees crave. From the creation of safety and compliance training to helping you mobilize global workforces, BCI offers a simple-to-use process to get your content online and create digital learning platforms, courses, and programs.

Our online learning and training services and solutions include:

Our online training design and service offerings include, but are not limited to:

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eLearning Can Improve Employee Engagement

Low employee engagement is a common problem in the public sector, with Gallup reporting that 71% of US government workers are unengaged. How can BCI help drive employee engagement within your agency? Research shows employees who feel they can grow in their roles are far more motivated than others.

To better support our agency customers, BCI utilizes current and next generation learning technologies and environments, including:

These services can be grouped into two product lines – Learning Ecosystem Support and Training Design, Development, and Support.

Meet the Needs of Local, State, and Federal Government Workers

Employees today expect online learning platforms to be collaborative, self-directed, and easy to use. This is especially true of Millennial and Gen Z professionals, who will soon make up the majority of the workforce.


Let Us Help You

BCI can help you meet the needs of today’s professionals with personalized, data-driven course recommendations and seamless desktop and mobile app experiences. Let BCI help you with:

Content Authoring – Our team will collaborate with you to identify your training goals and help you develop customized courses that meet your specific needs and are delivered on your preferred platform

Course Creation, Localization and Adaptation – Bridge communication and cultural gaps with our services, localizing courses for maximum retention and cultural appropriateness

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Digital transformation

The use of eLearning technology systems and platforms in the government arena enables deparments and agencies to build and transfer key sets of knowledge, skills, and understanding to target audiences while maintaining a tight control on costs, quality, and standardized delivery protocols.

In addition, eLearning provides government agencies with an easy-to-use navigation model and platform. By adopting digital learning approaches, your organization can:

Digital transformation is sweeping every aspect of how governments operate, including the L&D function. The shift from instructor-led training to online learning helps optimize budgets and scale learning to support all employees in a customized learning environment.

The BCI Difference

Beyond Campus Innovations has the extensive experience necessary to guide your government organization through the eLearning course development process. Our exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™ has been specially designed to provide a framework for sustainable success both today and in the future.

A critical component of our platform involves defining your critical learning success elements. This information will drive the process of planning an appropriate solution, creating the necessary infrastructure, and measuring the success of your efforts in order to continuously improve your results over time.

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