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Faculty Support

Beyond Campus Innovations offers faculty and institutional support in various areas including outsourced instructional design, training in online learning, and support for maximizing existing tools in a learning management system; all to support the creation of an effective learning environment. 

So how does BCI support higher education faculty and staff?

Through the expertise of Instructional and Multimedia Designers, BCI focuses on the course content and expertise higher education faculty provides. Taking into consideration the faculties’ knowledge and studies, our IDs organize content to best fit the faculty member’s level of comfort. Each ID is individually selected based on background, education, and competence, for each faculty member’s course subject. However, working in a field of evolving technology, our IDs are always interested in learning new things, creating a fun element in developing coursework and exploring new software. 

How does your IDs differ from higher education faculty?

Our IDs have expertise with a wide variety of Learning Management Systems and online tools to engage audiences in fun and interactive styles. Many of our IDs also have graduate degrees having to do with online and adult learning. It is our goal to provide the full scope of each course by evaluating what the faculty member has and helping them create a fully functioning online or blended style course. By evaluating the faculty member’s comfort in online learning, course materials, and learning structures, our IDs develop any missing content, re-organize lessons to be the most engaging, and upload the course to the university’s LMS.

Each faculty member’s course is handled differently by each Instructional Designer to best serve their needs. With varieties of expertise, course subject, and learning outcomes, our IDs take delicate care in communicating with the faculty members’ expectations and outlook for each individual course. For more information on how we can support your faculty team, contact us here

Published 7/30/2020

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