Enrollment and Management Services

Enrollment Management Services

If you’re part of a university or other educational institution, you understand how important enrollment, retention, and student success is for growth and funding. Not only do these factors influence your institution’s public perception, but they can make or break the future of the establishment.

This huge emphasis on success has led a growing number of universities to seek out enrollment management services and outsource some of their crucial aspects that influence a student’s ability to succeed. It’s not just about recruitment or enrollment numbers anymore.

Enrollment Management Services

Student Retention Services

The quality of services and resources available to prospective and current students; support from enrollment through achievement; modern curriculum delivered in a format that is familiar, accessible, and engaging to learners; and capable and experienced instructors and faculty as course leaders are what ensure a successful learning environment.

With a list as long and varied as that, it’s no surprise that major players in the education industry are seeking to help with enrollment management services.

And that’s exactly what Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) is here for.

BCI’s student retention services serve businesses, corporations, nonprofits, and educational institutions that understand the importance of a comprehensive student experience for long-term growth. We supply you with the necessary enrollment management services at highly competitive pricing, so you can focus on what you do best.

With your collaboration and our team of industry experts, you will be confident in the support learners are receiving.

What BCI can do for you…

Convert existing instructor-led courses, or let us custom-build curriculum on modern, eLearning platforms for increased engagement and achieved learning outcomes. Utilize our hosted Learning Management System (LMS) to simplify and streamline one-point access to course materials, student resources, and university information.
Good instructors are the lifeline to student success, but they can be difficult to locate, vet, and manage. BCI’s recruitment experts find capable and experienced instructors who can easily be managed through our Faculty Management System (FMS) so internal resources can focus on their expertise.
As part of our student retention services, you will make a genuine connection with students who are driven to succeed and provide support through the registration process to boost their chances of succeeding in your institution. 

Increase eLearning engagement and retention with dedicated Enrollment Advisors who support students with helpful resources and individual attention to keep students on track toward success. 

As modern learners continue to seek resources for upskilling, certification, and degree completion, it’s important for your institution to remain competitive and get one of the best enrollment management services. Take advantage of the growing number of people seeking educational resources by providing the support and tools necessary to believe they can do it with you.

Discover how BCI can help your university stand out and stay competitive!

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