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Custom Education Technology Solutions

Custom education technology solutions can help your organization increase efficiency and accuracy at all levels. It can facilitate communication and human connectedness, while providing platforms for scale.  Additionally, software and hardware solutions allow organizations to have broader and deeper reach to customers, users, and other key stakeholders to help optimize your resources for greater organizational success.

As investments into new technologies can be substantial and figuring out what works best for employees and organizations to reach their goals can take time and experimentation, BCI stands ready to assist. BCI currently offers custom education technology-based solutions for website-to-learning payment processing; a learning management platform; instructor and faculty management including credential and evaluation storage and scheduling; and a student/learner information portal.  Additionally, BCI has the ability to provide customized technology solutions from technology systems integration work to initial code creation.

In today’s dynamic marketplace, speed and accuracy to deployment of identified technology solutions is key to organizational viability.  At BCI we understand how time-consuming and sometimes intimidating technology deployment can be. We provide the partnership necessary to keep you informed and updated on your technology project status, to help ensure that your solutions are delivered on-time and as expected. To meet our client needs, we offer custom education technology solutions that can be accessed through various ways:

eLearning software licensing
Software integration or hyperlinks to BCI technology platforms
Customized education technology solutions, such as:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) – House and deploy your educational or training courses in one easy to use, customizable, comprehensive eLearning management system that saves you valuable time and money.
  • “Knowledge Store” Allows you to make money off of your curriculum through a safe and secure e-commerce portal, and can be added to almost any existing platform.
  • Faculty Management System (FMS) – Efficient way to communicate with instructors, and to store their credential information while facilitating fast, automated instructor scheduling for unlimited numbers of courses.

BCI’s core belief in win-win partnerships can facilitate your organization’s evolution and adoption of today’s newest and most efficient technologies. Don’t let technology costs limit your organization’s success with learning initiatives.

Contact us to find out how our custom education technology solutions can help you meet your goals efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

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