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Educational institutions and learners alike have been taking advantage of the affordability, flexibility, and convenience of custom eLearning for years. And now corporations, businesses, and nonprofits are utilizing that same technology to reduce costs, streamline uniform learning outcomes, and provide more opportunities for employees, among many other benefits...

Regardless of your industry or business type, there are trainings almost all employees must complete. Our curriculum development and instructional design services can help your company be successful.


Professional Training

Whether it’s onboarding, human resources benefit information, new software instruction, or policy changes -- professional corporate training programs will always be a part of employment, but they can certainly be simplified and made more efficient with the right tools.


Uniform Instruction

Instead of recruiting a facilitator, teaching them the content, finding the location, scheduling the course, funding it all, and then hoping the learning outcomes were achieved, you could simply digitalize the curriculum once for accessible, effective, and uniform trainings that certainly do achieve learning outcomes.


eLearning Solutions

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) specializes in dynamic and interactive custom eLearning solutions for a range of business models. Our team of experts provides curriculum development and instructional design services and they will work with you to either custom-build an online course or convert your instructor-led training's to an online format.

Moving from the traditional face-to-face classroom, to a modern online format has proven effective in a number of ways:
Without facilitator recruitment and fees, supplies and location overhead, travel reimbursement, and the cost of multiple iterations of the same course, businesses can reallocate those funds where they are needed most
Employees can access training materials anytime they are connected to the internet, so trainings don’t interrupt daily responsibilities or cause scheduling conflicts.
Unlike classroom environments, where a lot of factors are dependent on the facilitator, eLearning environments ensure that each employee receives the same content in the same format.
Collect retention and outcome achievement data, as well as candid feedback from employees to make future optimizations and updates based on real-time analytics.
Let your internal team focus on what they do best, while your automated custom eLearning solution takes care of training's. 
With digital access and reduced cost, more employees can participate in more trainings without additional funding necessary.

Custom eLearning

Take advantage of our curriculum development and instructional design services  Curriculum Development and Instructional Design Servicesto bring your business to the next level by upgrading, or creating, an eLearning platform for your employees. Not only will your business function more efficiently, but the return on this small investment will impact every employee you hire. That kind of reach can improve morale, attract competitive employee prospects, provide additional funding, and give you a more prepared and educated workforce.

Don’t let your business fall into a “technology gap” and get left behind.

If you’re ready for a modern-day training upgrade, or you’d like custom education technology solutions tailored to your industry and goals, let the BCI experts in curriculum development and instructional design services be your guide.

Contact us to discuss all the ways BCI can help your business succeed with our curriculum development and instructional design services!

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