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eLearning Course Development

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Your leader in distance learning and eLearning course development.

What to Expect From Your Free Consultation

  • A custom recommendation to achieve your organization’s eLearning goals:
    • A comprehensive course content development plan
    • A customized roadmap to streamline the time and effort needed to develop and deliver more effective learning and development (L&D)
  • An overview of Beyond Campus Innovations’ (BCI) 8-Step eLearning Accelerator Program
  • A cost savings estimate of creating a truly effective online L&D program
  • Case studies for your industry

What to Expect During Your Free Consultation

  • Discuss your current training systems
  • Discuss your current eLearning challenges and goals
  • Review and explore potential eLearning options
  • Discuss compliance needs for your eLearning (ADA, WCAC 2.0)
  • Share BCI’s unique approach to more effective L&D

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eLearning and Training Content and Online Course Development

Using our proven instructional design methodology, we create customized courseware designed to engage your target audience and fulfill your business objectives in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Effective and engaging online learning requires thoughtful design and development.

Many of the key ingredients include:

Critical to this process and consideration is the fact that learners need to be able to navigate through the course(s) with ease to access live classes, find teachers, purchase lessons, and search for their desired topics. With an unpredictable design, learners may find this difficult and be deterred from using your platform.


Important Questions to Consider During eLearning Course Development

Here are a few questions that BCI can help you consider and assess in your online course development:

  • Is it time to engage an online course development company?
  • Do you need to train your customers and/or employees on a new product or service?
  • Do you wish you had time to create a comprehensive training program for your employees?
  • Are you interested in incorporating eLearning into your training programs?
  • Do you require on-the-job training or instructor-led training for your employees?
  • Do you need to move your instructor-led training to an online training program?

BCI’s 8-Step eLearning Accelerator Program

We walk organizations through the innovative video and content creation process with our built-in performance measures to take your learning content and programming to the next level.

Benefits of Working with BCI

Engage BCI as your training partner and we will work with you to:

Our initial client analysis and organizational needs assessment provides the detail necessary to tailor training specifically for your needs, which encourages higher knowledge retention rates and gets your people up to speed more quickly.

We develop your training and courseware solutions beyond what the average training and development company can deliver.

Transform Your Learning Solutions with Online Course Development

Multiple development tools and digital teaching devices are available for use with eLearning, including:

  • Animations
  • Audio voiceover explanations
  • Activities that require the user to make decisions and receive feedback
  • Embedded videos

Even though it can be a larger up-front investment than other types of training (such as classroom training), eLearning pays off over time as you can train learners anytime, anyplace, without the recurring expense of instructor time.

Here are several factors to consider when selecting a partner in this journey:

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

  • User Interface (UI) describes the design of the site itself, the aesthetics, the impression, and the presentation.
  • User Experience (UX) refers to the way in which a user interacts with the product or service, how the user achieves their desired tasks, and how easy the design is to follow.
  • UI can boost conversion and retention rates up to 200%; UX can boost them up to 400%.

Ease of Use

This means that while design, typology, and imagery are important, users must feel that the website design, the product, and the services provided by the company are of the highest quality. They must be able to easily use the website, achieve the actions that they wish to achieve, and be satisfied with the services.


Attract learners to the online learning platform with good graphic design, images, and areas of focus. Symmetry, shapes, and patterns are hugely important for the aesthetics of the eLearning site. You must consider the balance, contrasts, and texture proportions of the design.


All of the elements must be cohesive and fit together, accompanied by a creative logo and features that contribute to the branding of the site. Good branding increases the recognition of your product and services and increases the value of your company, allowing you to drive more eLearners to your platform.

Imagery and Photos

Good use of images has also been shown to increase product sales, so make sure that you think carefully about the positioning, contrasts, and display of the image or video. These design elements are most likely to catch the eyes of the viewer.

Color and Design

Browsing the web can be tough on the eyes. White space ensures that the viewers’ eyes are not overwhelmed or tired when looking at the website, and this will make their learning journey a little bit easier.

It is important to consider the connotations that colors can carry. For instance, orange is frequently used for eLearning platforms as it represents communication, proactive learning, and optimism. Red can be used to visually capture the attention of the viewer and yellow is perceived as a cheerful, positive color. Green is seen as a more positive color overall when it comes to feedback.

The Foundational Needs of The Learner

You must consider your audience. The learner should be able to focus entirely on the acquisition of knowledge rather than how to close the pop-up window that keeps disrupting their experience. If you can provide learners with a well-designed, manageable platform, it will be beneficial for the learning experience.

Ease of Use

Readability is indispensable. Learning platforms must use a font that is easily readable and familiar to the learner. Writing must be well spaced and divided into manageable sections. The top reasons for users leaving a website are slow loading, automatic audio or video plays, poor design, and poor usability. This means that the site must also be predictable. Learners should not have to search for buttons or wonder how to execute a particular action.

The BCI Difference

Online course development can be one of the most important tools you have to move your organization forward. With so many factors involved in this process, it can be challenging to make the proper decisions to achieve your goals. Beyond Campus Innovations can guide you through this process to ensure success today and into the future.

Create an Engaging Learning Experience

Our exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™ will provide you with the framework to create a powerful, engaging learning experience. By taking a comprehensive approach that starts by defining your critical learning success elements, we’re able to develop a blueprint for a customized eLearning program that elevates the possibilities that can be achieved by this new educational medium.