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Corporate Training

We Design Employee Training

An employee training strategy grounded in business reality helps organizations reimagine their eco-systems, reshape their portfolios and reinvent themselves for a better future.

Employee training helps improve employee engagement and increase retention. When built with a comprehensive eLearning strategy, it can accelerate the efficiency and productivity of your workforce.


Engage Your Team

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) works with organizations to design an employee training and engagement strategy that easily and consistently allows you to train your employees as you engage them with ongoing development. Our eLearning solutions achieve both educational goals as well as skill development for companies of all sizes.

Corporate eLearning Programs We Offer

Common training and eLearning programs that we design include:

  • Corporate Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Building Client Relationships
  • Management Training
  • Effective Sales Training
  • Customer Service Training

Purpose of Corporate eLearning Programs

Corporate eLearning is designed to educate your company’s staff in the requirements of their jobs and in the culture of their workplace. Created with the same systematic instructional design workflow as all eLearning, corporate focused eLearning has instructional goals that aim deliver skills to the employee their company requires. Consequently, many businesses require their employees to undertake similar training. For example, policies on data privacy requirements and safe work practices are fundamental eLearning subjects. Online Inductions are often delivered as eLearning as well.

While the materials may be similar for each company training employees on a specific subject, the style and language of corporate eLearning will differ from business to business. For example, each company will have a unique branding that will inform the color palettes, fonts and logos that must be used in the development of content. Also, depending on the business, the critical terms and workplace examples used in any eLearning will vary from company to company: A bakery differs from a software company in its work vocabulary and day to day operations.

Corporate eLearning also aims to educate staff in local policy requirements and applicable skills. While the subject matter may be similar from business to business, the eLearning design will vary as each workplace has unique operational conditions.

Whatever your business needs, BCI can deliver an engaging, world class interactive learning experience. Our 8-Step eLearning Accelerator Program walks organizations through the innovative video and content creation process with our built-in performance measures to take your learning content to the next level.


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The BCI Difference

Setting up the proper eLearning infrastructure for your business can be a challenging and overwhelming task. At BCI, we’ve created a process that provides you with the proper framework to ensure your eLearning courses address your unique needs today and into the future.

Our exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™ has been specially designed to deliver a more effective, sustainable and impactful experience. We’ll work closely with you to understand your organization’s goals. This will help us define the critical learning success elements necessary for your program and build a roadmap of content that will provide your team what it needs to succeed.

BCI handles the entire creation of your eLearning corporate training program for you, from creating the architecture for your learning solution to building the course modules, to launching the program on your preferred LMS. We’ll continually monitor the performance of your corporate training eLearning program to ensure you’re achieving your desired success outcomes. We’ll also make any necessary updates and improvements over time to ensure your company’s eLearning solution evolves with your business.


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