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Corporate Employee Training Programs: E-learning vs. Face-to-Face

Corporations that choose to invest in the education and upskilling of their employees often benefit from motivated employees who possess the specific abilities necessary in their niche industry, field, or role. One major decision that corporations must make is the methodology used to teach employees. While e-learning courses have become popular in recent years, face-to-face training can still be a viable option. Keep reading to explore the benefits and risks of each method to make the best choice for your employees and business goals.

What is E-learning?
The mainstay of e-learning, and what has made it so popular in recent years, is the access and customization possible with the Internet-based curriculum. While all e-learning courses can be different, online organization training and instruction typically incorporates the following:

E-learning vs. Face-to-Face Training: Weighing the Benefits and Risks

As you can see from the list above, there are many attractive aspects to choosing e-learning for your corporate training program. While these high-level staples in e-learning provide the obvious benefit of customization, there are more benefits that may not be so apparent.

When making the decision to use e-learning or face-to-face training, corporations have more to consider than just the obvious. Here are some of the reasons so many organizations choose digitally-based training methods over the traditional in-classroom environment that was relied on in the past.

Regardless of your industry, investing in employee education and upskilling can be an important factor in business growth and goal achievement. When searching for the right solution for your corporation consider the benefits and risks of these two teaching methodologies against your goals. While face-to-face training might have been the norm in the past,  custom e-learning has been leading the new wave of employee education for years, and there’s a reason why.

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