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Beyond Campus’ online education consultant services can provide an effective pathway to helping you stay within your budget and time constraints while making your eLearning vision a reality. BCI is unsurpassed with its proven depth and breadth of experts in effective creation and deployment of eLearning development and services programs.

Our team can assist in the development of your organizational training, academic programs and courses, professional development initiatives, and revenue and funding options. Whether you need a couple hours of consultation or a full strategic plan with implementation, BCI has individuals and teams to help.

eLearning Development and Solutions

Our work together starts with an initial conversation as the basis for all service work. Predicated on your goals and our expertise, a BCI online education consultant can provide a customized proposal to address your organizational needs, based on client needs. BCI can provide a:

• Full assessment of organizational readiness for online education and ability to rapidly scale program provisioning

• Moderated discussions with organizational members, board members, and other identified stakeholders as it relates to online program vision and intended outcomes and goals

• Technology infrastructure and tools review and recommendations

• Student engagement and retention review and recommendations

• Review of operational needs and recommendations including technology and outsource solution options

• Alternative models of educational programs that fit within organizational training programs, accredited institutions, and/or apprenticeship and internship programs

• Recommendations for revenue, grant, and investor opportunities

Choice, affordability, and efficiency is the foundation for BCI’s eLearning development and services with clients and it’s no different with our consulting services. Our online education consultants partner together to build win-win solutions and seek ways in which you and your organization can meet its organizational goals in the most efficient and cost-effective path possible. Contact us today at (720) 439-8817.

Online Education Consultant

It’s a win-win solution, and there’s no risk to you or your organization to have the first conversation, so get started today!

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