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Online Experience for Construction Industry

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) is committed to continuously improving the online learning experience for the construction industry. We have a long history of working in this area and have the in-house expertise and experience to help your company take the next step forward with online learning.

Benefits of Using eLearning Courses in the Construction Industry

The use of eLearning technology systems and platforms in the construction industry enables businesses to build the knowledge, skills and abilities of their workforce while maintaining tight control over the costs associated with training that workforce.

Digital Workflows

Digital workflows in construction open opportunities for improvements and innovation in productivity. In our construction course work and design, we have taught students a variety of skills including an understanding of how safety, quality, and productivity are linked in the world of construction. Our courses often explore and present learners with a collection of tips, tricks, and techniques needed to improve productivity by focusing on reliability and having the right information available when it’s needed.

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Easier Training for Construction Companies

eLearning enables construction companies to train their workforce in navigating this increasingly complex landscape efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Specifically, by embracing eLearning for employee training, construction companies gain:

eLearning allows businesses to deliver training to multiple locations while retaining central supervision, with a single deployment that their IT department can easily manage, monitor and secure. This enables construction companies to have all their workforce up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations, something especially useful in compliance training.

Construction Industry eLearning Courses

Here are some of the courses that are representative of our work in the construction industry:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Standards of Practice
  • Cost Management
  • Time Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Professional Practice
  • Safety and Quality

Our Training is All-Inclusive

We work closely with your organization to deliver information that includes your construction company’s operating procedures, policies, restrictions and guidelines, as well as the ever more important education in professional ethics, and sexual and racial discrimination issues.

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Raising the Bar for eLearning in the Construction Industry

We create and deliver the best online training and learning management programs available. The end result is a true transformation of the learner experience, shifting what is possible for both online and brick-and-mortar organizations.

We partner with businesses to deliver state-of-the-art eLearning solutions that meet the needs and demands of the modern workforce.

At BCI, we’re committed to solving big problems such as the need for higher levels of safety and quality. Our online learning programs can pay huge dividends for organizations, helping to:

The BCI Difference

Beyond Campus Innovations can guide you through this process to ensure your online learning meets the unique needs of your organization as well as your employees.

Our exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™ has been specially designed to help you enjoy a greater level of success within your organization. A critical component of our platform involves performing a deep dive into your organization to define your critical learning success elements. This information will drive the process of constructing a customized eLearning solution that will help you achieve your goals today and into the future.

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