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The Impact of Declining Enrollments
Higher education student enrollments have been declining steadily in recent years. While the reasons behind the trend are varied, the impact on institutions could be fatal. Operating under lean budgets, universities are rethinking how and who they recruit, as well as what to do with the assets they have. See how academic prioritization and a…
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Regional Comprehensive Universities Face Dangerous Future without Competitive Program Expansion
Regional comprehensive universities reduce barriers to higher education, while expanding access and impact locally and state-wide. Despite the opportunities these institutions afford, they’re facing a grave future of steadily declining enrollment rates that run parallel to changes in demographics. While elite universities with high price tags don’t seem to be affected, smaller, regional colleges are…
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Your 2019 College Student Profile
The demands from modern students are changing the landscape of education today. With a growing number of nontraditional, adult students increasing, colleges are forced to accommodate, change and adapt, or risk the future of their institution. Already, we’ve seen a number of smaller, liberal arts colleges fall victim to low enrollment rates that force school…
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What Colleges Aren’t Doing Enough of to Keep the Doors Open
Declining enrollment rates in higher education have been trending over the past couple of years. Now we’re seeing a record number of colleges have to partner with larger universities, sell off land and other assets, or even close their doors altogether in the face of a number of changing factors. From lack of financial resources…
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