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Blended and Hybrid eLearning Live Webinar

How to Leverage eLearning to Make the Shift

eLearning has its advantages and in-classroom learning has advantages: Blended learning leverages the advantages of both modalities. This webinar will walk through the “best practices” of blended learning from both research and years of practice. You will learn concrete strategies that you can use in your blended classroom and how to take a fully face-to-face class into a blended environment.

  • Best practices of blended/hybrid learning
  • Classroom and online activities in the blended format
  • How to progress a fully face-to-face class into a blended model

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Cultivating the Skillset You Need for a Successful Team

This no cost webinar will explain how the tools and methods of online learning are based on a simple philosophy and structured process. Focus is placed, not only on key concepts of continuous improvement, but also on leadership and management of eLearning programs and improvement activities.

Train your teams and leaders on the concepts of eLearning and equip them with the tools needed for long-term success. Participants work together in teams to better understand the tools, knowledge, methods, and strategy for eLearning success.

Our Passion is to Deliver Quality

At BCI, our passion is to deliver the highest quality, effective, and unique eLearning solution that will have a real impact on your learners and your business.

Webinar Outline & Agenda

• Introductions
• Creating an eLearning Strategy
• Leadership and Change Management
• Identifying Opportunities for Improvement • Developing a Roadmap and Project Management Plans
• Leadership Stakeholder and Communication Planning
• Blueprint Introduction and Overview • The Use of Checklists and Project Milestones
• Project Scoping and Project Management Techniques
• Standardization – Why is it Important • Innovation and Brainstorming Session • 30, 60, 90 Day Action Planning
• Review and Q&A

By the end of the webinar, team members are better able to plan, guide and lead eLearning programming within their organizations, departments, and across multi-disciplinary teams.

Trust BCI for your Workforce Enablement and Training

Through BCI’s custom eLearning development, we bring learning management and programming experience to help organizations impact their learners, realize their goals, and gain measurable results.

At BCI, we take time in the design phase to make sure every interaction, every interface element, every click or touch in your custom eLearning solution means something.

Expanding Your Skillset 

In today’s economy, workforce development through eLearning and continuing online education is critical to helping you grow your organization. These tools ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge to support current and future businesses and industry opportunities.

This one-day hands-on workshop is designed specifically for executives, directors, managers, and key personnel who want to learn, apply, and sustain eLearning improvement processes within their organization.

Participants will leave this workshop with an understanding of how to start using eLearning methods and tools immediately upon returning to daily work routines with an eye toward meaningful, sustainable, and lasting change.

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The BCI Difference

Establishing an eLearning program that sets your business up for success can be a challenging process. Beyond Campus Innovations can help you navigate the complexities of this important task to ensure you cultivate the skills necessary for a more productive and effective team.

We’ve created an exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™ to help you achieve your goals today while providing the scalability and flexibility to sustain ongoing success into the future. As part of our platform, we take the time to get to know your organization and understand your specific objectives from your eLearning program. We use this information to design and build a customized eLearning program that will address your specific needs.