Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI), an eLearning consulting and technology development company, recently released five courses as part of our new Professional Development Series. Each course is designed to strategically train managers and leaders, including those who supervise and develop employees. Discover how these courses follow the U.S. training trend of outsourcing without increasing costs.

Investments in Outside Training Deliver Cost Savings

According to the 2018 Training Industry Report, “spending on outside products and services rose from $7.5 billion to $11 billion, while other training expenditures (i.e. travel, facilities, equipment) decreased to $29.6 billion from $44.5 billion.” With an increasing number of businesses now relying on eLearning solutions, they are able to reallocate budgets previously spent on getting employees to out-of-area, face-to-face trainings, and supplying overhead structure and classroom materials like workbooks. Increased spending on outside products and services can be attributed to a large number of companies now relying on digital trainings.

As organizations of all sizes attempt to train employees using the methodology and delivery method most preferential to modern employees, while keeping costs low of course, outsourced training development is key. In fact, “2018 saw an increase in the average expenditure for training outsourcing: $422,321, up from $219,265 in 2017.” This significant jump would lead you to believe that companies are investing large amounts in online training, but the fact remains that, “spending slightly less per learner [in 2018], companies provided almost the same number of hours of training as last year.”

These statistics tell us that overall training expenditures are down, but spending on outside training products and services is up. The redistribution of funds has resulted in companies being able to provide the same number of training hours, while spending less on each individual learner. Organizations win because they’re able to deliver accessible training at a lower cost without scrimping on efficiency. In fact, most learners today prefer eLearning solutions and in many cases, this modern format yields higher retention results and requires much less time away from work.

Done-for-you Professional Development

With a proven track record, expert consultants and a variety of eLearning interventions already available, Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) is now providing done-for-you professional development courses fit for businesses of all sizes. Focused on developing, increasing and upskilling within management roles, course curriculum helps cultivate effective managers while building on the skills they may already possess. Each module contained within each course is self-directed, interactive and can be accessed anywhere, anytime via an internet connection.

Corporations, organizations, government agencies and nonprofits are obviously different entities with their own mission, culture, vision and processes. BCI’s Professional Development Series is built on the foundational practices necessary to grow into management, or as a manager, in any professional setting. Each of the five courses available include anywhere from four to nine, 30-minute modules.

Employee Engagement

  • Defining Engagement
  • First Impressions: Entrance Interview
  • Purposeful (Whole-Person) Employee Development
  • Getting to the Bottom of Employee Motivation and Drive
  • What Makes Your People Tick?
  • Ways to Challenge Your Employees
  • Personal Investment – Building Relationships with Employees
  • How to Show You Care
  • Making the Most of Your 1-on-1s

Employee Retention

  • Leading by Example
  • Positivity Wins
  • Team Building
  • What is Discretionary Effort?
  • How to Deal with the Actively Disengaged Employee

Interviewing and Hiring

  • Interviewing and Hiring Process
  • Interviewing 101
  • Attracting and Hiring Engaged People
  • Recruiting, Selecting and Evaluating for Cultural Fit

Management Soft Skills

  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Introduction to 360 Feedback for Managers
  • Communicating with Your Team and Across Departments
  • Managing Employee Performance Problems

Managing People

  • Coaching and Goal Setting
  • Establishing Trust
  • Motivating and Engaging Others
  • Delegating Responsibilities
  • Conducting Productive Meetings
  • Avoiding Micromanagement
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Managing Remote Employees
  • How to be an Effective Mentor

Implementing these courses can provide uniform structure for managers, leaders and employees who show promise to grow within the organization. Not only will your upper-level staff have the same approach to managing, but they’ll be unified on strategy, process and delivery to employees. With management taking a consolidated stance on their responsibilities, company-culture can flourish, employee policy adoption increases, training time is reduced, and to the benefit of the entire organization, employees receive a more robust manager.

Customizing Professional Development

BCI’s new Professional Development Series can be configured to meet the needs of all of your supervising employees. While some courses, such as Interviewing and Hiring and Employee Retention might be best suited for human resource managers let us know how we can help.