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Closing the skills gap

As nationwide unemployment continues to hover just above 4%, even lower in some markets, employers are facing mounting obstacles in attracting and retaining an engaged workforce with the skills necessary to drive organizational success. There are currently 6.2 million positions open across the country that have gone unfilled and that number has been growing each year. Trend predictions for 2018 specifically address the need for organizations to identify the skills gaps and developmental opportunities within their organization and to provide training specific to those needs. This proactive approach allows employers to hire more for culture fit rather than skill fit which increases the pool of candidates available. In addition, research shows that investing in the training and development of employees not only increases productivity but also engagement and retention.

When looking to attract new talent, the growth and development opportunities your organization offers can be extremely important. For millennials, 87% rate “professional or career growth and developmental opportunities” as important to them in a job. Employee training, however, is not only important to employees but also employers. IBM found that 84% of employees in Best Performing Organizations are receiving the training they need, as opposed to 16% of employees in the worst performing companies.

When you are looking to leverage the talent in your company, let BCI help you identify the learning and development needs of your workforce, align them to your strategic organizational goals, and develop customized solutions that deliver measurable results.

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