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Authoring Tools

Tools and Software

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) has a team of professionals who are training to use a variety of authoring tools and software. Some of the most common tools we use include:

  • Elucidat
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Articulate Storyline
  • Articulate Rise

Which Authoring Tool Is Right for Me?

The best authoring tool is the one that will produce learning capable of satisfying the needs of the learners you are looking to train. We work closely with our clients and partners to consider the features of the authoring tool and if those features will allow you to produce a format that will engage your learners. Your learning design may require voice over and video. It may use drag and drop quizzes. Examine the features of the authoring tool and map them to your needs.

Another important selection element BCI team members consider is the prior experience of developers and yourself in selecting a tool. If you are familiar with PowerPoint and it is adequate to produce the learning you need, a more complex tool is not needed. This may remove the need to learn new software.

Rich Media Interactions

Maybe you need to produce rich media interactions and more complex workflow? In this case, there is a need to select an authoring tool that has deeper functionality beyond PowerPoint.

Additionally, a key selection consideration is where the learning will be loaded on completion. What is your Learning Management System? Your authoring tool needs to output a format your LMS accepts.

The best authoring tool is the tool that meets a course’s design specification.

The BCI Difference

With so many factors to consider when choosing an authoring tool, determining the right solution for your organization can be an overwhelming task. Beyond Campus Innovations can guide you through this process to ensure your authoring tool meets your unique needs.

Our exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™ has been specially designed to help you enjoy a greater level of success within your organization. A critical component of our platform involves performing a deep dive into your organization to define your critical learning success elements. This information will drive the process of constructing a customized eLearning solution that will help you achieve your goals today and into the future.

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