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Associations Have Unique eLearning Objectives

A trade association, also known as an industry trade group, business association, sector association or industry body, is an organization founded and funded to operate in a specific industry. There are more than 92,000 trade and professional associations in the U.S. Many associations offer services to their members such as conferences, networking, events, and online classes or training.

Associations Implement Strategies

Unlike corporations primarily serving internal learners and customers, associations must implement effective eLearning strategies to attract and retain their members.

In some industries, association membership is compulsory. However, those with voluntary membership must compete for limited membership dollars – making benefits a key differentiator. Many of the benefits Associations can offer to their members are the sharing of knowledge, education, and training. This is where eLearning offers a compelling opportunity and path to generate revenues and value for members.

Industries We Support

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) works with multiple associations, serving many different industries, including:

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Rise Above the Crowd

Offer Compelling eLearning Built to Serve Your Members

The following is a list of reasons to explore eLearning to bring additional value to your association and your members:

Create Modern Learning Programs for Members

Engage your members with compelling and relevant eLearning content. Instead of exclusively offering books or text-based courses, incorporate short videos, role-playing scenarios and webinars. Break courses into easily digestible “microlearning” bits.

Empower Members to Show What They Know

Your members are eager to announce their recent course completions, new certifications, or polished skills. Enable them to share their accomplishments with their professional networks on social media.

Simplify Continuous Learning and Certification

Many associations require or offer continuous learning and certification. Create an online learning experience that can efficiently report course completion and compliance.

Offer Solutions to On-the-Go Professionals

Your members are busy. Offer mobile eLearning that fits into their schedules. Your members should be able to access association courses, videos, exams and more from their smartphones and other mobile devices.

eLearning will Ignite your Association Growth

When your members can effortlessly weave learning into their lives, they’ll eagerly come back for more.

The BCI Difference

Establishing the right eLearning program for your association can be a challenging and time-consuming task. It’s crucial to have a dedicated partner with the expertise to guide you through this process. At BCI, we have you covered.

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Effective, Sustainable and Impactful

We’re the only learning development innovators in the market providing a Learning Transformation Platform™ delivering a more effective, sustainable and impactful experience. Our platform will help your association enjoy a greater level of success, transforming how you see what is possible from online learning. We provide the tools, blueprints, infrastructure, and implementation to craft a customized solution that will elevate the value you provide to your members.

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