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Academic Support Services

eLearning Strategies for Colleges, Universities, and other Academic Institutions

Elevate your institution by giving modern learners the education they need to thrive in today’s workplace – along with the online solutions they want to make it a reality.

eLearning has fundamentally transformed the way in which learning is delivered to students. Distance learning and online education has revolutionized the way that higher education is accessed, developed, and delivered. The challenge to institutions is if, when, and how to launch online programs as well as supporting enrolled students through completion.

We Have Extensive Experience

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) has extensive experience navigating the challenges faced by universities, colleges, and other academic institutions. Through our research and troves of data, BCI believes that eLearning solutions can make learning simpler, easier, and more effective.

Your Goals Become Our Goals

When you collaborate with BCI, your organizational goals become our goals. We recognize that a successful online program comes from understanding your students, instructors, and content. This, combined with the necessary technologies and planning, can seamlessly integrate with a college or university’s mission and values.

From the first meeting with our eLearning consultants, an organizational risk assessment will assist your educational institution. Our team will sit down with your decision-makers and stakeholders to help you identify the ultimate vision for your online education program.

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BCI’s eLearning Solutions

BCI provides comprehensive academic support services for higher education organizations with consideration of the:

  • External academic environment
  • Learner expectations
  • Organizational resources
  • Accrediting bodies
  • Long-term value for all stakeholders

Develop Training Services for Academic Institutions

BCI develops a la carte solutions and services for academic institutions. These services include:

  • Course design development
  • Curriculum review and development
  • Content experts
  • Instructional design support teams
  • Curriculum project management
  • Online or hybrid faculty training
  • New program development
  • International program development
  • Existing program course content renewal with program alignment to meet accreditation standards
  • Program alignment to meet accreditation standards
  • Individual course renewal & improvement
  • Learning Management Systems – Course Build Services
  • Conversion of on ground content to online content
  • Conversion of on ground content to online content with course build
  • Program & course learning outcome training
  • Consulting services
  • Program relevance evaluation
  • Online course interface assessment & improvements
  • Faculty selection and training to organizational standards

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Benefits of BCI Academic Support Services

BCI’s online learning and distance education services can align your university to move further into the digital age. Our academic support services can cut costs and help keep you in budget. From your first phone call, our team will be focusing on how we can offer value to your educational institution.

You’ll experience the following benefits when you work with BCI:

Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Learning Solutions

Each Course Aligns With Different Learning Styles

Each course category aligns with different students’ interests, personalities, and learning styles. BCI works closely with your organization to identify which of these two types of online delivery works best for you. We work to break down the advantages and disadvantages of each solution to help students find the best match for their desired courses and programs. BCI works with clients to create the instruction methods and eLearning courses that best meet their needs.

Up-to-Date Content and Course Updates

A key benefit of online learning is meeting the needs of today’s modern learner. This enables the learner to access courses and updated content whenever they want it. This on-demand aspect is a leading differential that students use while evaluating and deciding which school or course is best for them.

Shorter Time Requirements for Learners

eLearning is a way to provide faster delivery of content. As compared to traditional classroom teaching methods, eLearning has relatively quick delivery cycles. Data suggests the time required to learn is reduced by 20%-60% of what is required in traditional learning.

How does this occur? Courses and individual modules can start and end a single learning session quickly. This enables training programs to easily roll out within a few days of weeks. Learners can define their own pace of learning instead of having to follow and proceed at the speed of a group.

Consistency and Standardization

eLearning enables organizations to use a common delivery and communication style in a consistent way for their learners. This ensures that all learners approach courses and sessions with the same understanding and expectation of training. This is a key element of enhancing the learner experience.

Cost Savings

eLearning is a cost-effective way to offer superior content and education compared to traditional forms of learning. Training time is reduced with respect to professors, travel, course materials, and accommodation. This cost savings helps the profitability of your organization.

Additional Advantages of BCI eLearning Solutions

In addition to the benefits discussed above, students achieve the following benefits from our eLearning courses:

  • Our solutions result in improved scores for certifications, tests, quizzes, and other evaluation measures.
  • Colleges and Universities working with BCI have higher numbers of students who achieve “pass” or “mastery” level.

The BCI Difference

Beyond Campus Innovations provides the framework necessary to help your organization stay on the forefront of eLearning. Our exclusive Learning Transformation Platform™ will help you launch your eLearning solutions in a way that sustains success for years to come. We accomplish this by:

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