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About Us

Continuously Improving

Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) is committed to continuously improving the online learning experience for students and life-long learners.

We accomplish this goal by creating and delivering the best online training and learning management programs available. The end result is a true transformation of the learner experience, shifting what is possible for both online and brick-and-mortar organizations.

Deliver State-of-the-Art eLearning Solutions

We partner with businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions to deliver state-of-the-art eLearning solutions that meet the needs and demands of the modern workforce. Our online learning programs have been used in a wide range of applications, including:

At BCI, we’re committed to solving big problems such as demographic changes, governmental mandates, and the need for higher levels of safety and quality. Our online learning programs can pay huge dividends for organizations, helping to:

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Innovation Is at Our Core

Beyond Campus Innovations is part of the Colorado State University System Foundation. One of the institutions within the CSU System is CSU Global. As the nation’s first, independent, fully online public university, CSU Global is committed to innovative, outcome-driven learning solutions. That led to eLearning innovations, including the establishment of BCI in 2015, allowing customers to have a partner in the online course and content development arena.

Since 2015, BCI has been committed to streamlining and customizing the course and development process. Our 8-Step eLearning Accelerator Program walks organizations through the innovative content creation process with our built-in performance measures to take learning courses and programming to the next level.

As our company and offerings evolve, we fearlessly embrace new and emerging technologies with the attitude that we’d do anything necessary to deliver the best customer service. Our startup venture, My Course Builder, has become the first e-commerce platform to sell a customizable course development platform life cycle entirely online. This is just one example of the many ways in which our commitment to innovation has helped transform the learner experience for the organizations with which we partner.

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Guided by Our Purpose and Core Values

Beyond Campus Innovations is driven by our purpose: to inspire and improve lives by empowering others. This purpose has led us to develop four core values which fuel how we work together, focus on our customers, and create solutions that generate growth:

  • Evolve Continuously – Even when things are working well, we push the boundaries and look for ways to improve, whether ourselves, our business practices, or our customers’ experiences.
  • Experiment without Fear – As innovators and empowered members of our work community, we look for solutions and set aside preconceptions. Failures signal new opportunities to try again with new insights.
  • Express Yourself – Our people are creative individuals with a lifetime of experiences they bring to the community. We value that uniqueness and leverage it to help boost innovation and define vision.
  • Enjoy the Ride – We make plenty of time for recreation, group activities, office parties and personal development. You often spend more time at work than at home, so it should be fun.

Achieve Your Goals with Our Learning Transformation Platform™

BCI is the only learning development innovator in the market providing a Learning Transformation Platform™ that helps you achieve your goals today while also allowing you to plan, execute and sustain into the future.

Fill in the Knowledge Gaps

Our exclusive transformational journey helps your team fill in the knowledge gaps necessary to stay on the forefront of eLearning. We will work closely with you to identify your specific needs and establish the framework necessary for successful and sustainable eLearning course development.

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