About Beyond Campus Innovations

As a wholly-owned entity of the Colorado State University System Foundation, Beyond Campus Innovations (BCI) is a leading curriculum and eLearning development company. We help take education to a broader level to partner with businesses, organizations, and educational providers and institutions to meet the demands of current and future workforce needs by providing custom eLearning solutions. BCI draws upon the expertise and insights of the CSU System’s knowledge and success of its online university, incorporates the most advanced and efficient custom education technology solutions available, and has access to credentialed faculty and proven experts to facilitate effective learning for today’s modern learners.

Our Vision Statement

Beyond Campus Innovations, a pioneering curriculum and eLearning development company, is a provider of educational services and infrastructure with highly competitive pricing and service levels with unsurpassed integrity, transparency, and care.

Core Values

Synergy – The result of supporting one another and working together as a team, enabling us to achieve much greater results than any single individual can achieve separately Passion – Enthusiastic, devoted commitment to achieving defined goals Innovation – Creative solutions inspired by “outside-the-box” thinking Professionalism – Exhibiting the expertise and competence required to adhere to the highest industry standards Vision – The guiding principle directing company-wide efforts to embrace diversity and inspire the pursuit of greater good in each team member Respect – Admiration for, recognition and honor of the value of individuality Integrity – Honesty, transparency, and adherence to established standards Accountability – Ownership of commitments and actions Inquisitiveness – Positive curiosity and thoughtful risk‐taking with a view to achieving greater success

As a curriculum and eLearning development company, we strive to provide the support that your organization or educational institution needs. Get in touch with us today to speak with an online education consultant and determine the next steps to ensure your success.

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