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custom course creation for universities, colleges and industry

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E-learning course creation takes time & resources you don’t have.

Students crave the convenience of e-learning. But creating effective courses can be challenging, especially with limited instructional design support. Busy professors typically don’t have time to build out learning management systems. Not to mention the need to consistently create courses to stay accredited. It all adds up to stress and overwhelm for students, professors, and you.

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We understand your concerns and we are here to help.

Our job is to make your job easier. Owned and operated by Colorado State University Foundation, we get what you’re going through and it shouldn’t be that way. We’ve created thousands of courses for universities and colleges.

Our expert instructional designers, writers and videographers will lighten your load by creating simplified and compelling courses from your material. That way you can focus on the other items on your already-busy schedule.

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A stress-free guarantee that’s unmatched by others.

We recognize that signing off on courses you are not satisfied with might be worrisome, but, we won’t rest until you’re happy with the course design. If that means multiple rounds of revisions, we’ll do whatever it takes to create a quality finished product.

Other companies limit their edits, but we believe in a full partnership where you can make your voice and feedback heard. You won’t feel forced to sign off on something that doesn’t completely meet your criteria. That means peace of mind for you, knowing you’re guaranteed to be happy with the final course.

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Students would recommend

Our clients keep coming back because the process is simple, and the results are unmatched. We treat our clients like partners who are actively involved in the course creation process to ensure a successful project.

Increase in student engagement

Our courses are designed to keep modern students engaged and provide them with a convenient and consistent learning experience.

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Getting Started is Easy

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We’ll walk through your course and certification needs, help determine the best plan of action, and set you up with a dedicated project manager.

We’ll create your courses for you

Our expert team will design and build a comprehensive e-learning program, checking in with you regularly to review the progress. Once the course is completed and approved by you, we’ll load it on the learning management system of your choice.

Enjoy the peace of mind

With your course complete and loaded into the system, you can enjoy peace of mind from knowing your students and professors have a high-quality learning experience.

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